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[tor-talk] Answer from Chris Dagdigian to WH Depperman


You start your email: "Because his response was helpful, earnest and legit?" I never said that, Chris. You said that. And why did you say it? What Vladimir said could only be helpful if a person was already a Hacker and programmer. So how would I know it was "legit?" I could not possibly know that. I replied strictly in good faith, something apparently not something found uniformly on TOR or anywhere else for that matter. TOR refused to post the _*Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics*_ on its website. Why not? It is the most important scientific work that exists today anywhere and for good reason and it is all written in everyday language and easily understandable.

Then you say: "The stuff you believe you are infected with is generally considered a valuable asset and is not disseminated promiscuously for risk that it will be discovered, analyzed and publicly exposed -- when they do deploy that stuff it's targeted at specific networks, systems, people and groups." That'll be the day, i.e. "for risk that it will be discovered, analyzed and publicly exposed," Chris! Hilarious! You can't even provide the key information that I need and neither so far can anyone on TOT! Chris, I am the coordinator of the _*United Front Against Racism and Capitalism-Imperialism*_. I am a Communist, a Leninist. From the late 1970s until August 1986 we dominated the walls of NYC with huge wall posters many 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet tall. They were everywhere. I was the primary author of those posters which also dominated Washington. D.C. and Boston and we had people in San Francisco also putting up posters. I am also a Medical Doctor, a politically Blacklisted Medical Doctor beginning my medical career in early 1964. Primate viruses were always a special interest of mine and I followed primate viruses even before that and afterward. I recognized immediately that AIDS was biological warfare. We exposed AIDS as biological warfare by the US Govt with all documentation and the pedigree of that virus which appears in the peer review literature for reasons explained in those analyses, on huge wall posters all over NYC,. This brought down the house and I was arrested by the so-called "Major Case Squad" (?!) and thrown on the front page of all the newspapers and made Channel 4 in Europe. The charge was ""E-Felony" postering. Total BS but it was done for intimidation purposes. I applied for Soviet citizenship but was turned down by Gorbachev himself through the foreign Ministry: "They were not accepting Communists at the present time." Only later did I figure out the deal.

Currently, I am the number one political analyst, the number one blogger in the United States (blogging is no longer permitted on the NSA-controlled Internet) and the number one Orator in the United States. I speak for 3 to 4 hours uninterrupted at the south end of Union Square Park here in NYC. No one can do that unless people like what they are hearing and the person knows his stuff.

I am also a self-trained theoretical astrophysicist and recently completed the _*Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics. *_This is a classic of scientific polemical literature and is copyrighted, but obviously nowhere actually published. Vanity press means NO DISTRIBUTION! It exposes so-called "dark energy" and "dark matter" and the so-called Standard Model of Particle Physics as highly contrived lies. I have sent you a copy of it.

So Chris, _*I am the number one target of the NSA in the United States*_ as far as somputer monitoring and harassment go. I have real time keystroke by keystroke monitoring and harassment by NSA. Almost all through the BIOS Chip.apparently.

I have to know precisely how to remove and to be able to repeat the removal if necessary--and it will be necessary--all NSA software control of my computer through the BIOS Chip. I need someone who knows this area like the back of his hand as well as the NSA Secret Police do. _*Incidentally, the NSA and their French and British affiliates knew in advance about the Paris attacks.*_ The bullshit that they all knew how to encrypt their email and phone calls is false propaganda meant to deflect this reality. You will receive a few writings to give you and idea.of what is really going on. So please put out the word that the technical detailed knowledge of exactly what to do in this case is urgently needed. ANT is how everything is run on monitoring targeted individuals and organizations. Put any other ideas to the contrary away.

It is a rule of capitalist statecraft that a government control and operate all its "opposition" on every topic. We are living in End-Stage Capitalism. It is called Rule by Decree, a form of Bonapartism as in Napoleon Bonaparte, and is expressed as a military, bureaucratic police state which is hardening by the day. That is unfortunately the reality here in the USA. and elsewhere in the capitalist world for the most part. Capitalism is a world system, Chris, and so is Communism. Socialism is the first stage of Communism which has never ever been practiced and can never ever be practiced until capitalism is overthrown worldwide starting at it center the USA. _*And we were almost there in the early 1930s.*_ We live in a world of nation states. All nation states are dictatorships of one class over another class, either the capitalists over the Working Class or vice versa. With the Soviet--Gorbachev--Surrender to the Threat of a Nuclear War in 1988 there are a lot fewer bureaucratically degenerated and deformed Workers' States. These issues are all extensively covered in my writings. So you can dig in there too if you want.

Now Chris, I need you to get busy and make yourself useful, "legit," and prove it.

William H. Depperman

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