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Re: [tor-talk] Removing viruses from the BIOS Chip to Vladimir and Matthew Kaufman

On Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:29:25 -0500
"William H. Depperman" <whd2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> To Rick Evans:
>              I am not a Hacker. 

	So you have to become one, or get in touch with a 'hacker' you
	can trust. 

> You seem to be writing just to be 
> writing. I have to have a precise explanation written "for dummies."

	That's not possible.

> I do not know how to do what you wrote either. And I think you
> probably know that, Rick. So, back up and try to put it into terms
> which I can easily understand. You say, shall we say disingenuously:
> "As far as ANT goes the Idea has been around for a long time." Huh?
> Yeah, right! What I wrote regarding the NSA Secret Police ANT Program
> as stated is based on Snowden's released documents. I am sending you
> a copy. Your attempt to trivialize it falls completely FLAT! Sorry
> about that Rick. What you have written would be helpful, which it is
> not in a practical sense, but only in the sense intended which is
> apparently to intimidate for who's benefit? You say: "Xp was found to
> have a class ID named NSAkey buried deep in it's code." Duh! We
> couldn't guess that, right. The point is to pinpoint it and give
> simple "for dummies" practical steps to eliminating that access key.
> Depperman
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