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Re: [tor-talk] Answer from Chris Dagdigian to WH Depperman

I was not "confusing you with someone from RiseUp." You and the person I emailed are the same person. Your "advice" in fact is precisely the same given by Chris "RiseUp" Dagdigian. Who do you think you are fooling? You are just changing your tune disingenuously after the fact because what you wrote was so hostile and anti-hominem. As I requested previously stay out of issues where your only purpose is to spread disinformation.

On 11/24/2015 7:33 AM, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

You are confusing me with someone from RiseUp in your last few emails

Lets make this simple. I will not attempt to give you any advice. I'll just tell you what I would personally do if I thought I was being directly targeted by someone with nation-state levels of technical resources.

I'd trash my computer and replace it with an fresh one bought with cash from some big box store or other location that moves a lot of units. The main reason is that with an adversary backed by nation-state levels of technical skills and resources I'd never be 100% sure I was able to clean it out completely so I'd never be able to trust that computer again. The only solution is to trash it, trade it, sell it or otherwise stop using it.

Best of luck.

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