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Re: [tor-talk] Answer from Chris Dagdigian to WH Depperman

On Mon, 2015-11-23 at 20:12 -0500, William H. Depperman wrote

> Currently, I am the number one political analyst, the number one blogger in the United States (blogging is no longer permitted on the NSA-controlled Internet) and the number one Orator in the United States.


To go off-topic for a moment. Are these 2 links about you?



What about this one? Something about med school expulsion, "demonstrated inability to function effectively with other people". (One of the earlier links mentions something like this too). There is a "Jr." in this person's name, though.


Back on topic,

You've been given excellent advice in this mailing list for your perceived problem (but seem to not have accepted it, being hostile instead) (IE: getting a separate, portable machine). That really is the best starting point if you are worried about hardware compromise. Moving along now, perhaps?

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