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Re: [tor-talk] torsocks logic

On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 8:22 AM, Isidor Zeuner <onions@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> there seems to be some discrepancy in torsocks' logic, at least
> since August 2016.

Current release was October 18...

Update and verify against that and file bug in trac
as needed under torsocks.

> In "src/common/utils.c", check_addr returns -1 for non-AF addresses.
> So does utils_is_address_ipv4 as it just passes check_addr's
> return value.
> However, in "src/lib/gethostbyname.c", tsocks_gethostbyname expects
> the return value to be a C boolean, so the -1 value from above is
> treated as a positive result.
> I guess one of the three functions may better be adjusted in order to
> ensure more effective operation.
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