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Re: [tor-talk] Richard Chirgwin @ theregister.co.uk: "Judge orders FBI to reveal whether White House launched 'Tor pedo' torpedo exploits"

On 02/11/16 09:17 PM, grarpamp wrote:
On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 5:04 PM, krishna e bera <keb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Perhaps our new Board member from CMU can provide more details

Tor is not transparent. Sorry. Move along.
(Or contact the press office for some unfreespeech.)

Heh. I was not suggesting there is some direct connection or corruption, i know the Director is from a different department and it is a big institution. However stories and bits of documents tend to diffuse out close to the site of news, so just saying it would be cool to hear any (new) tidbits that come up. Ancillary to that, i wonder if there is any conflict or debate regarding the ethics of what happened.

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