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Re: [tor-talk] ShellCode-Exploit deleivery over TOR

On 12/11/16 04:40 PM, John Doe wrote:
Recently, Istumble relatively often over a message by my Antivirus
that a file was removedfrom the TB “doomed” cache, where binary
files like images are cached. These filesseem to contain an exploit
like “Win32/ShellCode.A”. Firstly Iassumed a bad exit node that
tampers with the content. But the alerts came in frequently and on
several exit nodes. Now Isuspect something like malicious add
banners. Maybe in combination with adetection function for TOR exit
node IPs.

What sites did you visit recently using TB? Maybe they were the source of infections. I am happy to check them using a non-Windows computer.

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