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Re: [tor-talk] TorChat for Android

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 02:57:15AM +0100, arrase wrote:
> Is there an app like TorChat for Android? The idea of ??????TorChat is
> interesting but the current implementation is very basic for normal use

Careful! You should be aware that "TorChat" is not made or endorsed
or anything by the Tor people, despite its confusing name. :( I would
suggest staying away from it on all platforms.

A better choice, for the platforms where it's available, would be

But you're right that there isn't a good one on Android, to my knowledge.
And I think it would be hard to get Ricochet going on Android, since
it's tied to the Qt library.

A worthwhile next step would be asking the Guardian folks if they know
of anything good on the horizon.


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