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Re: [tor-talk] Find Real IP via ISP.

Hi Torusers,

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016 3:41 PM, juanjo <juanjo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Of course, if all ISP form all the world started to log all connections
> they could follow the path and find your original IP. This is something
> UK is starting to do now...  and many goverments want.

That would be interesting within the aspect of EU harmonization about roaming:

"The initial proposal for a fair use policy has been published on 5 September 2016. It would have limited the amount of free roaming to 90 days in a calendar year and a maximum of 30 consecutive days, after which regulated roming charges (now in force) would apply. Registering in your home network on a given day would not count that day towards the limit. "

Before that each ISP didn't gave away more information - about their clients to another ISP in foreign countries - but these which are necessary to do a proper fee calculation in each country for using the network. The moment you travelled phyiscally behind a boarder the phone call (received/sent) got expensive. EU wants to "harmonize" such fee gaps. And each country have got own regulatories about the handling of these phone data even behind the ISP fee/limit calculation.

It would be interesting to know if an ISP stops sending their logs to other ISP in foreign countries even when you don't physically travelled there c/o Tor node hopping. Just to remind you of cloudflare. Everyone jumps behind that "curtain" once anonymously attacked or scared, or?

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