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[tor-talk] Another issue "never remember history" at Tor browser setting didn't last for actualisation

Hi Torusers,

there isn't a notice for Tor users that you can't set Tor browser from:
about:preferences#privacy or Tools Options Privacy:

"Use custom settings for history" to "Never remember history" 

You can check that from default "Use custom settings for history" to "Never remember history". But it is not saved. Whenever you press "reload current page" right to the address bar or "New Tor Circuit for this Site" or you do another session it jumps back do default "Use custom settings for history".

You can click on "You may also want to clear all current history." in the mode "Never remember history". But you can't check "Clear history when Tor Browser closes" during the default setting "Use custom settings for history", it is greyed and does not turn blue while your mouse is over it nor "Space" key is doing to check it.

Referring to the closed issue 15 months ago:

" #16889 closed defect (worksforme)
Privacy Preferences Bug "

The device got a clean System reinstall because of some sudden power loss (immediate quick shut down, all went black) even when it was not connected with internet. There was only one shut down of that kind after the reinstall. The Tor bowser was reinstalled with the four default Add-ons (e. g. NoScript).

While experiencing that issue with NoScript mentioned/answered here:


there is something more to say. 
1. That NoScript issue appears not only when the "security slider is set to "Medium-High" or "High"" but also to Low. You have one search for free before NoScript prohibits any further search. That search was used to get above result concerning "privacy".
2. Anti-XSS Protection Exception was:
When it is set to (as mentioned in that ticket)

A red text appeared in the box
"Pattern matching sample: "https://www.google.com/search?q=test";

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