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[tor-talk] Is it a feature or a bug of social exploitation running massiv "cheese pizza" sites by an agency hunting Tor(Mail)users?

Hi Torusers,

due to an investigation of the FBI - deanonymizing Tor(Mail)users - there is this article:

"Unsealed Warrant Shows FBI Malware Affected Innocent Tor Users While Agency Ran More Than 20 Child Porn Sites"

If someone thought get the swamp of "cheese pizza" freaks dry let the agencies just do their job, there has always been investigations into it e. g. from Ted Gunderson the former head of the Los Angeles FBI with plenty of YT and links to other related crimes beneath almost each video. It looks like a complete but very sensitive economic system (e. g. blackmailing, sex, drugs, weddings, killings, torture and to its related body's own drugs, organ harvesting...) of its own where #spiritcooking might be just an uncovert t/o/iceberg. 

Well, there wouldn't be a film about it, when there aren't actors to play in at first hand. Today's technology does provide active and passive actors. The passive actors didn't know that their (family) lives got with their own (baby, handy, web) cam into the internet and sold even as a stream:

"...There are power plants, Smart TVs, refrigerators and much more that can be found with Shodan!""

Some of the active actors got on "More Than 20 Child Porn Sites" provided by the FBI. Was Playpen not supposed to be a single site?

"The Playpen, about 100,000 people visited the site, accessing at least 48,000 photos, 200 videos, and 13,000 links. In fact, the FBI seems to have made The Playpen a lot more popular by making it faster and more accessible. The FBI's version attracted some 50,000 visitors per week, up from 11,000 before the government takeover."

"Recently" there are claims of child abuse cases on top level all over the world (un)covert by mainstream media and social networks:

"He was also said to have been a visitor to the notorious Elm Guest house in South-west London, now the focus of a Scotland Yard investigation into an alleged VIP paedophile ring "

"As news emerges that FBI agents have uncovered a child sex ring connected to the Clinton Foundation, internet sleuths have discovered evidence of pedophile..."

Plenty of reddit or 4chan posts zip/sew dot on dot and some of these threads even got into a hearings like the one between Mr. Issa and Mr. Comey.

"Rep Issa to Comey: "YOU GAVE IMMUNITY FROM DESTRUCTION" - 9/28/16 Hearing on Hillary Email...Published on Sep 28, 2016"

Joseph Cox @ motherboard quoted Soghoian:

"“The warrant that the FBI returned to the court makes no mention of the fact that the FBI ended their operation early because they were discovered by the security community, nor does it acknowledge that the government delivered their malware to innocent TorMail users. This strongly suggests that the FBI kept the court in the dark about the extent to which they botched the TorMail operation,” Soghoian added."

If this kind of social exploitation is a top level issue it could not only be used to unfold crimes and Torusers but also be used to cover each others (agency) backs. And if someone is law related somehow out of reach these knowledge of these investigations could be used to "blackmail" someone to make the person "functional" behind an immunity/indemnity curtain and binds the person to this sensitive economic system. I hope there are more outside these systems than inside.

It would be a start to pardon all hackers even those who got caught and/or convinced to work with enforcements instead of prison time. You do a better job and unfold yourself when your mind is free, free of angst. The less angst the less crimes there are. 


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