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Re: [tor-talk] Another issue "never remember history" at Tor browser setting didn't last for actualisation

Hello Torusers,

thanks for your kind response Joe Btfsplk.

Privat Browing

Joe Btfsplk wrote:
>> You can check that from default "Use custom settings for history" to "Never remember history". But it is not saved.
> Probably because when you switch to Never remember history, that's the 
> same as Always use private browsing.  It switches to that wording.
> Once you change to Private Browsing or Never remember history, it should
> be prompting to restart.  Is yours?

My mistake. Sorry to have bothered the tor talk list subscribers with that. I should have played with the settings before (writing).
It seems that it is a gimmick at FireFox. 
While you can't clear an actual session in "Use custom settings for history" mode you have to either jump to "Remember history" or "Never remember history" mode setting. And the Tor Browser only restarts with a change between "private" and "not".
In both settings and only there you may either click at"You may want to "clear your recent history", or "remove individual cookies", or "You may also want to clear all current history." It really switches to that wording as stated beneath the FX-History "headline". ^^'

> It doesn't show "Clear history when TBB closes," because there is no history saved after a session in private browsing.

Yes, but sometimes you want to clear the cache and cookies during a session without closing the Tor Browser. 
Just as if you don't trust the browser doing that automatically.


> The rest I had a hard time following.  Are you saying that NoScript - or 
> something - is preventing using searches - especially in private browsing?

That was my point. There was no search after the first possible; annoying NoScript-Cross-Scripting notices with every search after the first. After deleting the XSS-box content and pasting the ticket-mentioned lines into it the Tor Browser worked fine again with every search engine. 
When you haven't outsorced the browser history/favorites into e. g. a tiny truecrypt container you have to use search engines.

> 3) Once in a while, other search engines (besides Google) give captchas 
> or "we're sorry" or just blank screen  - to deny access, no matter what 
> browsing mode in TBB.

With Tor you only have to switch (~10 times) the node-cycle to avoid captchas at all with only very very few excemptions. It was not only a black screen, all LED lamps turned form light to black, the system shut down. When you can exclude a hack on the device a power loss maybe a sign for an aging/old device.

> Often, if you change the exit relay, they'll let you right in - 2 seconds later.

confirmed. :)

PS: Subject Testing "Re: Re:"


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