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Re: [tor-talk] Another issue "never remember history" at Tor browser setting didn't last for actualisation

On 11/27/2016 8:04 PM, tortalk@xxxxxxxx wrote:
You can check that from default "Use custom settings for history" to "Never remember history". But it is not saved.
Probably because when you switch to Never remember history, that's the same as Always use private browsing. It switches to that wording. Once you change to Private Browsing or Never remember history, it should be prompting to restart. Is yours?
If not, you may think about a clean TBB reinstall.

You can click on "You may also want to clear all current history." in the mode "Never remember history". But you can't check "Clear history when Tor Browser closes" during the default setting "Use custom settings for history", it is greyed and does not turn blue while your mouse is over it nor "Space" key is doing to check it.
It doesn't show "Clear history when TBB closes," because there is no history saved after a session in private browsing. It's either not saved at all or automatically deleted at session end, so no point in checking an option to do what it does automatically. I wonder if it's offering the "You may *also* want to clear all current history" when switching FROM a normal session to Private Browsing, just so there's nothing left from the non-private session?
1. That NoScript issue appears not only when the "security slider is set to "Medium-High" or "High"" but also to Low. You have one search for free before NoScript prohibits any further search.
The rest I had a hard time following. Are you saying that NoScript - or something - is preventing using searches - especially in private browsing? 1) sometimes google searches don't work at all, or present captchas in any mode of TBB. Often depending on the IPa or country of exit relay. So it not working great isn't that unusual. 2) Other search engines work OK in private browsing for me (few times I tested it). 3) Once in a while, other search engines (besides Google) give captchas or "we're sorry" or just blank screen - to deny access, no matter what browsing mode in TBB. Often, if you change the exit relay, they'll let you right in - 2 seconds later.
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