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Re: [tor-talk] TBB as main browser: persistent logins to trusted sites?

Dear Theresa,

I suspect the reason you want to store session cookies is because you
like the convenience of not having to login every time. I do not like
this either.

A much better solution that doesn't involve giving yourself a unique
fingerprint would be to store your passwords in a password manager.
KeepassX is the one that you should use. Password managers make storing
strong passwords easy and you just copy-paste them into the web browser.

It is good practice to use a password manager in general because it
stops the compromise of one service from compromising your other accounts.

Best of luck,

> Dear Tor community,
> I'm exploring using TBB as my main browser.
> However, there's one thing that I'd like to find a solution to - namely
> being able to use "New Identity" while having a white list of domains
> where "New Identity" would not erase cookies.
> In other words, I'd like to be able to look like a new user to 99,99% of
> the Internet, while still retain session cookies of 3-5 trusted domains.
> I've noticed that there's a Cookie Protections dialog if the "private"
> browsing mode is disabled (yeah, I know it's risky to change that - but
> I'm just researching options), and within it one can clear all cookies
> except "protected" ones - that seemed to be quite close to what I'd need.
> However, I have noticed that if "private" browsing mode is disabled,
> "New Identity" doesn't actually clear any cookies anymore. It seems to
> depend on "private" browsing mode being enabled in TBB to clear cookies.
> So, do you use TBB as your main browser, and if so, what approach(es) do
> you take regarding "trusted" sites? Do you relogin each time you do a
> New Identity?
> best,
> theresa.
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