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Re: [tor-talk] Privacy Pass from Cloudflare, and the CAPTCHA problem

> That also lights some more bad aspects. When someone using Tor will be
> in some Syrian jail, all the support coming from Cloudflare and Royal

Yes, it is. Tor is a special instrument for special task. Of course,
the entire network should work as a torus, it is safety (I can to
indulge in dreams). Special services and organized by they crime
actively and aggressively work against the torus.

Persecution takes place in a very simple way. Special services track
down what you do, and all that you do - to break. It is enough for a
few years, sometimes months, to turn anyone into a homeless person or
bring to suicide.

If you think that the agent is wearing a suit and tie, you are
mistaken. An agent is a homeless who digs in your garbage can. He does
not even have to pay, he gets money from social assistance, which is
under the control of special services.

If I see the captcha, I understand that the host is somehow
compromised. It on the contrary helps me to disappear.

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