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Re: [tor-talk] Privacy Pass from Cloudflare, and the CAPTCHA problem

On 11/20/17, Lara <lara.tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That also lights some more bad aspects. When someone using Tor will be
> in some Syrian jail, all the support coming from Cloudflare and Royal

This is your fantasy, Ms. Croft.

The eastern jails has not a computer with a torus, often there is no
normal toilet (sometimes that this is just a pit in the ground). Cell
phones are forbidden (I threw my phone myself when I realized that he
was constantly being watched).  From a city phone I was allowed to
make only a local call in an unfamiliar city.

In a hostel for accommodating refugees in Moldova, about a month I was
forbidden to computers and the Internet class under far-fetched
pretexts. When through the scandal I have achieved admission to, I was
strictly forbidden to remote work. After my escape through four
countries, I do not have my own computer, not even a smartphone. I
have not get paid for local work.

You presented to dictators with the new high technology, as well as
the atomic bomb in the past,  that they use without conscience against
human rights. Special services use the tracking and blocking of
communications, the hacking of computers in ordinary civil life in
order to influence the ordinary civil destiny of ordinary people.
There is no way to regulate their influence, they are "good guys" and
us are forbidden to touch them, and it's just dangerous. They will
necessarily take revenge, they never forget and do not forgive. Cause
"they" it is your name in the database marked with a red cross.

Now the situation is that the torus is just necessary to hide what
news do you read, where do you work, who your friends are. Your life
can be broken simply because of personal dislike.
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