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[tor-talk] Using Tor Browser with non-Tor proxies?

Hi everyone,

At the [CENO2 project](https://censorship.no/) we're developing a
distributed system to enable P2P cooperation between its users to
circumvent web censorship, both by providing P2P routing and caching of
previously accessed content.

Since the user's requests may at some point hit untrusted machines (the
requests themselves or a simplified version of them may be cached when
caching content), we considered it reasonable to keep an eye on requests
and maybe anonymize them to some extent before sending them to the

Since the main entry point to the system will usually be a web proxy, we
were wondering whether it would make sense to use the Tor Browser and
leverage all the great efforts already put into it to take care of such
anonymization of requests, instead of reinventing the wheel ourselves.

Do you think it makes sense to use the Tor Browser with a different
proxy than Tor?  Is there some technical hurdle (i.e. some source code
modification) that would prevent it from working?

Thanks for your comments!

Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
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