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Re: [tor-talk] Downloads over tor

> Tor prevents people from learning your location

There are published attacks that can and do result in
location determination. So "prevents" is a false word here.
And unfortunately it's still advertised right top of the front page:

"Resists" or "makes harder / costlier" may be better terms.

It might be possible to prevent such attacks by adding
fulltime network wide padding to tor, however Tor is unwilling
to do that, and tor might not be suitable architecture for it,
so tor will remain vulnerable to attacks that exploit that.

And to Sybil attacks... cost raisers there have been suggested
for which none have taken up as a project either.

These issues are not unique to tor.

However some other newer projects are now trying to
address them as fundamental parts of their designs.

You can find some of the attacks in the "anonbib".

"Downloading" was not sufficiently defined by OP for anyone
to help estimate or rank any deanonymization risk therein.
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