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[tor-talk] Fixing Orchid (again), need help!


As I wrote here some time ago, I fixed Orchid the Java Tor, and it
worked for a while.


Recently (I think it was around July-Aug), Orchid became unworkable
again.  I'm trying to but can't figure out the cause, so I appreciate
your help.

Orchid's repo is here: https://github.com/mhatta/Orchid

As far as I could see, now Orchid hangs because it can't receive
VERSIONS cells so the first handshake with Directory Authorities can't
be finished.  Some change at Dir Auths (updating new version of Tor, I
guess)  might cause this, but I can't figure out which changes affect
this.  Do you have any idea?

Best regards,

Masayuki Hatta
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, Surugadai
University, Japan


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