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[tor-talk] loading some content changes Tor Browser 9.0 to full screen

In TBB 9.0, should about:config "full-screen-api.enabled" be "true?"
It is =true by default, in my auto-updated TBB 9.0, in Linux Mint.

I also see similar (default value) prefs, that may / may not be involved
full-screen-api.allow-trusted-requests-only = true
(does that refer to "trusted requests" from sites, or something else?)

full-screen-api.transition-duration.enter = 0 0 (zeros separated by a
full-screen-api.unprefix.enabled = true

TBB 9.0 is the first version I remember that loading anything caused TBB
to go full screen - links, images, videos [non-flash, but played using
TBB HTML5 player].  Though apparently some things caused problems years
ago - see old bug.

 Found a several year old trac.torproject bug where some things caused
window resizing.

    So what is your proposed patch for this bug then just doing a
    |browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction = 0|?


    Plus |full-screen-api.enabled = false| to fix #12609
    #12609 is closed]

Is that pref's default value now back to true?

My security level is Safer and java script in NS is disabled.
But even to load text on some sites, at least the first party scripts
must be allowed.

Maybe js being enabled plus changes in Firefox allow scripts for some
content to force the (real) detected full screen size, when js is enabled?

But, I've not seen this problem (since TBB screen size was spoofed)
until upgrading to TBB 9.0.

For several reasons, like accidentally hitting the maximize window
button vs. close browser button, seems like there should be a pref ? or
setting that disables the maximize window icon.  That won't fix the
issue of some content making TBB go full screen.

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