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Re: [tor-talk] Node Selection Parameters [re: YouTube Censored Tor]

On 11/8/19 1:24 AM, grarpamp wrote:
On 11/7/19, Joe <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Often the new exit circuits countries are the same as the one they
complained about
getting a lot of requests from certain exits
Well tor tends to focus weight on some exits,
so NEWNYM circuit not always work to avoid
"Too Many Requests" type of braindead censoring.

Exit country restriction still subject to weighting
within that, so might not often help.

Users can search and MAPADDRESS to an exit,
but they are then parked the service to that one exit.

So tor needs MAPADDRESS function to handle across
multiple specified exits, in order to maintain tor's
auto hopping around exits every so often.

Tor doesn't make it easy for users to manage their exits.
Tor doesn't know best for all.

There are no configurable parameters to make general
algorithm choices, such as true random, optional recycling,
subscriptions API, etc as needed.

Pentesters cannot even mapaddress their own CIDR blocks yet.
And nobody has even made Sybil hunting and or
whitelist node projects yet.

lot of requests at a given time
Anyway, YouTube downloaders exist, and they have options
to reduce the downloads to useful and exit friendly sizes :)
@grarpamp, as I, you've been using Tor before there was a "bundle."
I'm sure it's a moving target trying to figure out what some sites are
doing wrt Tor.
Google changes its yt coding constantly so "youtube browsers /
downloaders" don't work.

I assume they get most of the content free, then try to serve ads or
grab as much data about users' browsers.
It's nice when a company gets its raw materials or wholesale products
for free.
That way, they have more money left to continually develop tracking
methods & personal data accumulation. :)
Of course now, more & more people are using VPNs; even some non-tech
people I know that really surprised me.

I wonder what the average person signing up for Google acct & giving
their real phone #, just because "they asked for it?"  Unless they're
using burner phones.  I'm fairly certain people have no idea how far or
fast their phone #  can travel & all the personal data that will be tied
to it, when they the phone # to (many) companies like Google.

Like Radio Shack used to ask for your phone # when buying a $1.50 pack
of batteries - may still.  I just give the nosy businesses the same
number (like for warranty purposes) w/ an area code that doesn't exist. 
They're as happy as little clams.

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