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[tor-talk] Wake Up [re: YouTube Censored Tor]

On 11/8/19, Joe <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm sure it's a moving target trying to figure out what some sites are
> doing wrt Tor.
> Google changes its yt coding constantly so "youtube browsers /
> downloaders" don't work.

For most services there is some workaround.

And chances are if there isn't, the services often suck
so bad as to be of no interest to many population

> I assume they get most of the content free

CDN's aren't free, VEVO etc are surely paying nice sums
to have their junk hosted on YouTube.

> then try to serve ads or
> grab as much data about users' browsers.
> It's nice when a company gets its raw materials or wholesale products
> for free.
> That way, they have more money left to continually develop tracking
> methods & personal data accumulation. :)

Models are beginning out there where you can actually
host your own for free...

When encrypted anon p2p overlay networks and meshnets exist,
combined with decentralized distributed content browsing
applications, and privacy cryptocurrencies for monetizing your own,
all the garbage services like YouTube and Facebook disappear.

Only thing you have to pay on for is your internet connection.
Even that is free if you built your own meshnet guerrilla net.

Look at DTube for an early and incomplete example.

> Of course now, more & more people are using VPNs

Tools are still handy... encrypt, hop, obfuscate all the things.

> I wonder what the average person signing up for Google acct & giving
> their real phone #, just because "they asked for it?"

Given the choice most people would not do that.

They did not fight, so they have no choice or negotiation.

> Unless they're using burner phones.

Useful if the account is worth the $ to people,
but that option is going away fast, because
people are not fighting enough to keep it.

Many many countries require privacy invading ID to buy a SIM,
invasive shipping ID to get SIM shipped cross border,
and invasive passport ID to travel to countries that don't.

Much better if Google YouTube and all other online services
accepted privacy cryptocurrencies, a roughly SIM cost amount,
as forfeitable deposit on account behaviour. Or even a plain
old deposit / payment mailed in via the post. Or deployed
various community and algorithm methods.

But they don't, because behaviour isn't the issue,
their goal is to enslave you, for which making behaviour
enforcing as growing accepted norm is but one way.

>  I'm fairly certain people have no idea how far or
> fast their phone #  can travel & all the personal data that will be tied
> to it, when they the phone # to (many) companies like Google.

Nor how easily their phone # can be SimJacking attacked
and SDR Stingray OpenBTS intercepted.

Nothing really wrong with privacy preserving TOTP RFC 6238
and other two-factor schemes, even dating back to s/key opie.

But no, they want the phone # to datamine crosslink your ass,
while lievertising you that phone # is secure, private, etc.

So many examples in news of what these GovCorp
really doing on backend with all the data.

> I just give the nosy businesses the same number (like for warranty purposes)
> w/ an area code that doesn't exist.

Last N digits of many ID systems are enough to correlate
with other data, lots of whitepapers on that. Number ranges
are known and throw exceptions, facial ID checkout register
cameras linked to doorway IMEI recorders, to receipts,
to paycards, etc.

When opponents have all the data, tech, "laws", and control,
hiding is not a win, it is not a fight, it is a decreasingly effective
temporary feelgood substitute for fighting the policy itself.

Did you read the latest news on USA DNA Biometric Facial
mandatory databases creation and abuse, inside country,
and at borders, and around the world. All interlinked with
secret backend vendors databases.

Amazon Ring secret partnering with "law" enforcement.
Mailing shipping services new ID and size policies.
Social credit scores in your own country.
0-days against your systems sold off to the highest Gov bidder.

On and on the list goes, the chains closing around everyones
ankles faster than you can break them off with your neato tools.

Yet tools are nothing without instructions.

> They're as happy as little clams.

Except then most chances to educate the clerk are gone,
for at least on that visit you totally reconfirmed their brainwashing
for them by demonstrating sheepledom as being ok.

Helping people be sheeple is not helpful.

Sure, create and give them nice crypto tools.

But first help them wake up and fight.

That is the shift that needs to happen.
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