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[tor-talk] Node Selection Parameters [re: YouTube Censored Tor]

On 11/7/19, Joe <joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Often the new exit circuits countries are the same as the one they
> complained about
> getting a lot of requests from certain exits

Well tor tends to focus weight on some exits,
so NEWNYM circuit not always work to avoid
"Too Many Requests" type of braindead censoring.

Exit country restriction still subject to weighting
within that, so might not often help.

Users can search and MAPADDRESS to an exit,
but they are then parked the service to that one exit.

So tor needs MAPADDRESS function to handle across
multiple specified exits, in order to maintain tor's
auto hopping around exits every so often.

Tor doesn't make it easy for users to manage their exits.
Tor doesn't know best for all.

There are no configurable parameters to make general
algorithm choices, such as true random, optional recycling,
subscriptions API, etc as needed.

Pentesters cannot even mapaddress their own CIDR blocks yet.
And nobody has even made Sybil hunting and or
whitelist node projects yet.

> lot of requests at a given time

Google YouTube is corporate colossus, it's tubes
and systems are the top 10 fattest of the planet.
They could whitelist all of tor and be perfectly fine,
not even a percent compared to global clearnet traffic.
Yet they feel need to beat up and block little tor?
For what? Some comparative amount of pithy "fuck you / Google"
comments on their social credit scoring platform.

Anyway, YouTube downloaders exist, and they have options
to reduce the downloads to useful and exit friendly sizes :)

Have fun.
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