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Re: We need more SILC-enabled relay servers!

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 02:19:12PM +0200, bkl wrote:
> as you can read at the subject, it would be nice if much more exitrouter-admins would allow
> dport 706 (SILC), so its possible again to connect to the SILC network!
> ((what ar u talking about guy, you ask? ----) http://www.silcnet.org))
> SILC in conjunction with tor (and tsocks) its such a powerfull solution
>for secure&anonymous liveconferencing that it will kicks all censors
>asses very strong! :-)

If there are no objections, I could add an "accept *:706" line to the
default exit policy, so most servers would allow this.

Why didn't you guys pick a high-numbered port like normal projects? :)