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Compiling my own version?

I got some questions...

I write Japanese Tor information page,
http://www.anime.net/~sasami/ura/tor.html and as a part of the page, I have
my own compiled version (that usually compiled within a day after any
dev-build is published), which I believe is pretty much same thing offered
in official Tor page, maybe different compiler version. (but in case of
critical bugs, CVS code is incorporated as case-by-case basis with some
amount of testing, such as that Win32 crash bug I was looking at other day.)

I'm guessing license-wise, it is okay to distribute the code, but are there
any identifier I should put in the version?

For example, GnuPG people requested me put -hs identifier in the version
number, to distinguish between an official build, but I'm guessing doing so
with tor causes servers to refuse my connections...