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Re: Compiling my own version?

> It's ok license-wise to do this, though you should consider including the
> LICENSE file, or otherwise making it known to your users that it's free
> software and they too can fetch the source and do what they want with it,
> under its license.

All version I make contains LICENSE file that is included in the official
There's also a link from the page directing to the official page as well.

> So I'd recommend that you leave the version intact from the code you
> derived your binary from. Please try to refrain from making really
> dramatic changes, since then it's not "really" that version any more.
> And if you find yourself making the same patch for several versions
> in a row, please consider sending us the patch so we can put it in the
> main tree.

Yes, certainly.
My intention is not to compete with main tree, but rather supplement for
those people who want "jump start" or "cutting edge" stuff.

Additionally, I sign my file and provide .sig as well to show where it came
from as well.