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Re: Setting up hidden services on Tor server.

Caitlin <The_Polymorph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok. I am running a Tor server with an exit node on port 80 and a hidden
> service (web server). I'd like to add  few more (i.e. SSH server and
> IRC). Can anyone help with the details?

Adding additional HiddenServiceDir and HiddenServicePort entries
should be good enough. Quoting Tor's man page:

|HiddenServiceDir DIRECTORY
|	Store data files for a hidden service in DIRECTORY.  Every  hid-
|	den  service  must  have a separate directory.  You may use this
|	option multiple times to specify multiple services.
|HiddenServicePort VIRTPORT [TARGET]
|       Configure a virtual port VIRTPORT for a hidden service.  You may
|       use this option multiple times; each time applies to the service
|       using the most recent hiddenservicedir.  By default, this option
|       maps  the  virtual  port to the same port on  You may
|       override the target port, address, or both by specifying a  tar-
|       get of addr, port, or addr:port.


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