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Re: transparent DNS proxy for tor resolution [was: Confused about Tor settings]

On 10/3/06, glymr <glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
when is tor going to run a local dns proxy so this dns leak garbage is
done away with.

you may want to look at janusvm ( http://janusvm.peertech.org/ ) which uses a PPTP VPN tunnel to force a default route which does transparent DNS proxy through dns-proxy-tor on a virtual machine to plug the DNS leak. [note that you may need to alter your DNS settings if your local gateway is also the nameserver - see docs for details]

i don't know that this capacity could be integrated any further into
tor in a cross-platform / effective manner.  the mapaddress capability
is a good abstraction point for this in my opinion. [that is, building
a full DNS resolver into tor would be complex and there exist easy
ways to integrate mapaddres to your host resolution]

best regards,