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Re: forcing tor to build a new circuit [was: tor and its speed]

tor supports a control command: "signal newnym"
     NEWNYM    -- Switch to clean circuits, so new application requests
                  don't share any circuits with old ones.

  The server responds with "250 OK" if the signal is recognized (or simply
  closes the socket if it was asked to close immediately), or "552

the following utilities (among other tools) can talk to the tor control port:
[these may or may not be included in a binary distribution under
various locations]

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On 10/3/06, dugongs@xxxxxx <dugongs@xxxxxx> wrote:

as we all know, the tor network is not the fastest expierence of the
world, but sometimes it's really really slow, that it's nearly
impossible surfing the web....

Is there a possibility, to give tor the command to try a new circuit,
when it's very slow? Like a firefox extensions, or something else?

Thought, this could be very useful... because sometimes tor
connections are very fast, sometimes they're unusable. Or is the only
way to restart the browser?


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