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Re: Analyzing TOR-exitnodes for anomalies

Hi  *Alexander W. Janssen*   :

Got it !

I was going to this web site: http://www.iamaphex.net
(This is the web site for Torcap, a program to socksify application in Windows O.S.)
with the exit node exit node: whistlermother

Info: http://node2.xenobite.eu/torstat.php
1195  	whistlersmother  	US  	[X]  	9001  	0  	

Running Yes /	Guard  Yes / Authority  No / Fast  Yes /	Exit  Yes /	Stable  Yes / Valid  Yes / V2Dir No

US *whistlersmother
Exit policies: 22   53   80  110    -  143  443 5190 6667

I got this:


I found no information on that "flanding.domainsponsor.com" ...

With the exit node l3cht3rn3t3 I got this:

Picture (remain avalaible for 504 hours)
The link in the botton of the page is an email address: 
With this automatic email object :"Inquiring about the domain 'iamaphex.net', with status: CustomVIP"

With the exit node waabbeel I got this:
Picture (remain avalaible for 504 hours)

and the link on the page is for a web sites hosting:

With the exit node s3j3gm I got the same site...

and so on...

May be the problem comes from Web sites host server and their "sponsors"...
Looks like a "security filter" ...  :-\

So the problem seems to be related to web hosting not the exit nodes...

Claude LaFrenière