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Re: Setting up a Tor private network

Am 06.10.2006 um 02:33 schrieb George Shaffer:

Once I had Tor and Privoxy working as a simple client on the computer I
intended to be the Tor server, I only had to change one line in the
Privoxy config. All I did was change listen-address from to
the real IP address of the computer (in this case a NATed private
address). I tried two listen-address lines but that did not work.

Of course to get the local client application to work, I had to switch
it from (or localhost) to the real IP.

You do not need to change the setting in privoxy back. Just point the proxysetting of your browser on the local client (where privoxy is running) also to the LAN-IP adress instaed of localhost/ and everything will be fine. .-)

much fun bernd

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please use pgp if possible

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please use pgp if possible