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To sniff the real data

Maybe somebody already had a look on this problem? 

I´d like to know where and how to put in wich packetlogger 
to get as close as possible to the border of encryption at 
my user computer side of Tor, to watch exactly what´s going 
in and out (not only what´s visible in the browser). 

My firewall packetlogger only takes the already encrypted 
stuff that looks like random garbage, thus it are a little 
to late to see the actual content of it. 

In my theory, the possibility may be that if someone running 
running an exit node (or even a middle or entry node?) and 
tamper with it, this may be an firewall free entry into the 
user computer to hack it or do what ever whitout be stopped 
by the user´s firewall. 

What is your opinion about this? 

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