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Re: Confused about Tor settings

> As for the DNS leaks, I think more is being made of this than it

Was´nt this solved several months ago, in Torpark (Windows)? 

> BUT your ISP already has total control of all your traffic between your

> Even if it's encrypted Tor traffic, they still know at a minimum the Tor
> entry node it's for, and depending on how well the Tor headers are
> constructed, may even be able to find the final destination. If they

That must be wrong. What do you mean by "Tor headers"? As far as I can see 
in packet logs, the "Tor headers" only appear when a circuit is established 
initially (such as in the startup process) and don´t contain anything about 
exit destination, unencrypted. The rest of session just looks like random 
garbage (encrypted) also with DNS request in it, not in clear visible. 

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