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Re: List of NODES in IP form

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 23:27:09 -0400, "Roger Dingledine" <arma@xxxxxxx> said:

> Unfortunately, both of those answers use the old version 1 directory
> protocol (from Tor 0.1.0.x), which is deprecated at this point. So both
> of those techniques will be somewhat inaccurate.

My version of Torpark get it in one large file, "cached-directory" 
around 2400 KB in size. Did you refer to that one as inaccurate? 
If that´s the case, how risky is it to still use my old Tor vesion? 

I´ve tested a new one that get it in somehow different parts, but 
this new Torpark I don´t manage to run proper on my computer. 

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