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Re: Tor and SMEServer ?

On 10/10/06, Philippe MARTY <elfif@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Does anyone have installed TOR on a SMEserver 6.01 ?
I'd like to create a tor server on that system, because it's the one I
use..., but I can't find any doc.

Thanks for your help

Hi Philippe;

I was hoping to see some replies to your post... I use privoxy/tor on
SME7. I used the tor package from the RPMForge repository (DAG/Dries)
and the privoxy and e-smith-privoxy RPMs from

Then I modified my privoxy config file according to the
recommendations on the tor website, tor.eff.org . Remember that you
don't want to use squid! It will, as it is configured on SME7 anyway,
leak your domain. Of course, the e-smith-privoxy contrib sets you up
to use squid so I'm not sure it is necessary to install it at all.

Anyway, if you'd like to discuss this further, sign up on the forums
at contribs.org and I'll join you there. I prefer privoxy to all the
other filtering proxies I've tried, it has a decent web based
configuration, and I see that there has been some recent activity with
the project; version 3.0.5 is in beta.