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Re: Tor and SMEServer ?

On 10/11/06, Philippe MARTY <elfif@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Philippe;
> I was hoping to see some replies to your post... I use privoxy/tor on
> SME7. I used the tor package from the RPMForge repository (DAG/Dries)
> and the privoxy and e-smith-privoxy RPMs from
> http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/smeserver/contribs//nightspirit/e-smith-privoxy/
> Then I modified my privoxy config file according to the
> recommendations on the tor website, tor.eff.org . Remember that you
> don't want to use squid! It will, as it is configured on SME7 anyway,
> leak your domain. Of course, the e-smith-privoxy contrib sets you up
> to use squid so I'm not sure it is necessary to install it at all.
> Anyway, if you'd like to discuss this further, sign up on the forums
> at contribs.org and I'll join you there. I prefer privoxy to all the
> other filtering proxies I've tried, it has a decent web based
> configuration, and I see that there has been some recent activity with
> the project; version 3.0.5 is in beta.
> -P

Hi P.

Many thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I can't upgrade to SME7 due to the poor perf of my server...
I hope to buy a new one as soon as possible, but for the moment, I have to
continue with SME 6...
Do you think it's possible to adapt your configuration on v6.01 ?

Anyway, your work is really interesting, and yes I'd like to continue this
discussion on contribs.org :)

Best regards,

For others that may be reading along, the thread is now here: