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Re: tor bandwith ratio

gabrix <gabrix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm sorry if recently my tor node argo666tor wasn't always up ... but 
> i'm sort of experimenting how much bandwith i have to allocate to the 
> tor network.My will is to give as much band as possible without slowing 
> down my connection.I'm trying with this 4 rules:
> > AccountingStart day 12:00
> > AccountingMax 600MB
> > #BandwidthRate 100 KB    
> > #BandwidthBurst 200 KB
> But i seriously don't know witch one is best considering i have a TIM 
> adsl flat!

Maybe using queues for prioritising empty ACKs would already
be good enough: http://www.benzedrine.cx/ackpri.html

It's PF and ALTQ specific, but the same can be done with other
packet filters.

Additionally you could give all Tor traffic a lower priority,
I think it would be a better solution than to set a hard bandwidth
limit in Tor, which most of the time would limit your server more
than necessary.


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