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Re: end-to-end encryption? SSL? GnuPG?

xiando wrote:

> I agree that your idea of using GnuPG for everything is excellent. The IM 
> client PSI is only one of many IM programs who now support using GnuPG for 
> chatting. I agree that websites serving pages using GnuPG and Firefox - and 
> every other browser out there - supporting it. I agree the idea is excellent, 
> but .. I seriously doubt GnuPG will replace SSL - ever. But .. I agree it's a 
> good idea.
We need GPG for encrypting emails, not web connections. That's what the
feature request is asking about. I am writing this email with
Thunderbird with a GPG extension that finds and decrypts GPG messages
automatically. They want something like that for the browser.
They who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety
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