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Re[2]: end-to-end encryption? SSL? GnuPG?

> Last, you mentioned Torpark. It's an .EXE, what's this .exe for? What else
> have these people come up with? 

> Are you aware of this: http://sowd5dpn54rk2srl.onion/Back_Orifice  info?

> Perhaps there is a simpler solution, download Tor, Polipo and Firefox Portable
> and make a .bat file (instead of torpark.exe) which does the same?

> start "Tor" /DTor /MIN tor.exe -f torrc.ini
> start "Polipo" /DPolipo /MIN polipo-20060920.exe -c polipo.ini
> "FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe"

> Just my random ramblings.
> xiando


I have heard of this thing called open-source software. As I understand
it,  it  allows  you  to  actually  discover what is inside the binary

And  in  regards  to  "these people", Torpark is exclusively owned and
created  by me. It just so happens I have a strategic partnership with
Hacktivismo,  a human rights movement, which is a wing of the cDc. And
as  you may recall, BO embarassed microsoft back to the drawing board.
And  another  one  of  your  favorite  services  is about to go to the
chopping block as well, I'm sure you won't stop using them.


Steve Topletz
Torpark Devloper