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Re: Silly question

Thanks everyone for the response -- alles klar. :-)

- ferg

-- "John Kimble" <det.j.kimble@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Oct 24 23:15:19:698 [Notice] Tor v0.1.2.2-alpha. This is experimental
> software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
> Oct 24 23:15:19:886 [Notice] Opening Control listener on
> Oct 24 23:15:20:167 [Notice] We now have enough directory information
> to build circuits.
> Oct 24 23:15:25:276 [Notice] No Tor server exists that allows exit to
> [scrubbed]:80. Rejecting.
> Oct 24 23:16:11:136 [Notice] Opening Control listener on

It's just Firefox trying to load your home page, or any "Live
Bookmarks" (i.e. RSS feeds) it's subscribed to, even before Tor is
ready to make outgoing connections.

Every time Tor starts up, it takes a little time to build "circuits".
If you attempt a connection before Tor is ready, you get the "No Tor
server exists that allows exit..." message.

You may safely ignore this error. Or if it still bothers you, you may
(1) set your home page to a local html file, and (2) remove any "Live
Bookmarks" from your Firefox bookmarks, to prevent Firefox from making
connections as it is starting up.