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Safari proxy switch applescript

Hi Guys,

In response to a request from Paul Syverson, I fixed up an applescript
I found online
to work with the latest version of Mac OSX.

Safari does not have its own proxy settings, and instead, uses
whatever the OS is using. This script toggles the settings between
either no proxy, or the localhost privoxy proxy - and is thus,
something akin to "Tor Button" for Safari.

The script can be found here:

An application version of the script (that just requires a double
click to run) can be found here:

To get the script to work, you must set the "Enable access for
assistive devices" feature in the "Universal Access" system

If you install the Applescript Menu
you may find it easier to launch the script from within safari.

I'm happy to fix up the script a bit more, if I get any feedback from others.