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Re: Sending mail on OS X

Sorry... the mail arrive in the webmail... but the IP adresse is mine.

Le 26 oct. 2006 à 21:04, Someone Dechezmoi a écrit :

Initially congratulation for the Tor project. It's very fantastic.
Sorry for my small english... I'll try to explain my question.
It is possible to torify PostFix on OS X... PostFix is an SMTP server on Tiger.
So Tor works very well with Firefox... but when I send a mail with Thunderbird... the mail don't come. If I try to send a mail to myself it works but I have my personnal IP. When I send a mail on webmail adresse... like Yahoo... the mail is not arrived.
If you can help me it will be cool.
I invite French guys to answer in French... is it's possible.
Thank You all