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Re: tor-

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Roger Dingledine wrote:

>On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 01:14:44AM -0500, Thomas M. Jett wrote:
>>I'm currently using tor- on Vector Linux SOHO 5.1.1, which I
>>compiled myself, as I did the previous versions I've used. I
>>recently tried to compile tor- (now at least 4 times), and
>>each time I've compiled and installed (package created using
>>checkinstall, and installed via installpkg and uninstalled via
>>Gslapt). I get the following when I start it I'll start it in a
>>terminal, and everything looks normal, states it's opening Socks
>>listener on, however it crashes at this point every
>>time. I'm using gcc 3.4.6 to compile it, and up to date librarys.
>>I've been doing a straight forward ./configure make | checkinstall |
>>installpkg tor-, and am up a stump as to what the
>>problem could be. Any suggestions as to how to get past this will be
>>very much appreciated.

Thanks for the quick reply! I suspect it is a seg fault, however I
don't know that for certain.  I'll have to reinstall tor-
again and try running it again.  When I had it installed previously I
was using the same torrc as I used with, and I had it set to
run as a daemon.  I just checked the logs, and it's been long enough
that they are purged of any entrys from when I had
installed.  I'll go over the wikki page for bug reports that you gave
the url for, and see if I can get any other info you might need when I
reinstall it again.  One thing I did note though that may have some
impact on how is crashing is the libevent version.  I've got
libevent 1.1a installed, and I see y'all recommend at least 1.1b.
I've already got the newest libevent downloaded, and will get that
compiled and installed before I proceed with the rest.


>If by "crash" you mean "seg faults", there are lots more details
>you can provide. I've made an attempt at a walk-through here:

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