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Re: tor-

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Well I finally ran down the problem, and it was not what it appeared
to be at first.  The problem was not per say with Tor, but with Openssl.

I compiled the new libevent, and installed it, and compiled
tor- again and installed it with the same results I had been
having.  After digging through the logs for awhile I noticed that when
tor was first starting it was unable to initialize the encryption keys:
Oct 28 15:10:11.693 [notice] Tor opening log file.
Oct 28 15:10:12.698 [err] init_keys(): Error creating TLS context for OP.
Oct 28 15:10:12.698 [err] do_main_loop(): Error initializing keys; exiting

I recompiled and reinstalled tor-, and this time got the same
results as with tor- I had to recompile because tor-
that I had previously compiled would not work with the new version of
libevent. Regardless, even the new compile would not work.

Next step was to recompile Openssl, and compile everything against it,
and that finally did the trick.

Openssl on Vector Linux 5.1 SOHO, has been a problem from the start,
and I reckon I should have suspected the problem might be in it from
the beginning except for the fact that after the last time I compiled
it, it had been working pretty well.

Thanks again.

Roger Dingledine wrote:

>On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 01:14:44AM -0500, Thomas M. Jett wrote:
>>I'm currently using tor- on Vector Linux SOHO 5.1.1, which I
>>compiled myself, as I did the previous versions I've used. I
>>recently tried to compile tor- (now at least 4 times), and
>>each time I've compiled and installed (package created using
>>checkinstall, and installed via installpkg and uninstalled via
>>Gslapt). I get the following when I start it I'll start it in a
>>terminal, and everything looks normal, states it's opening Socks
>>listener on, however it crashes at this point every
>>time. I'm using gcc 3.4.6 to compile it, and up to date librarys.
>>I've been doing a straight forward ./configure make | checkinstall |
>>installpkg tor-, and am up a stump as to what the
>>problem could be. Any suggestions as to how to get past this will be
>>very much appreciated.
>If by "crash" you mean "seg faults", there are lots more details
>you can provide. I've made an attempt at a walk-through here:

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