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Torbutton testing release

Announcing a new version of Torbutton, to be released as 1.0.5 after a
period of testing and bugfixing.  Please give it a try and let me know if
you have any trouble.


New to this release:
  * bugfix: fix the about box in firefox 1.0
  * bugfix: set the toolbar button to the correct state upon insertion
            into the toolbar (ff >= 1.5 only, because 1.0 doesn't like me)
  * bugfix: clarify the wording of the one-liner extension description
  * misc:   new icons
  * misc:   keyboard shortcut re-assigned to ctrl-2 (ff2.0 conflict)
  * new:    previous proxy settings are restored after exiting tor mode

The main visible behavior change is that you cannot change proxy settings
through the firefox connection settings while torbutton is in tor-mode.
This is to prevent confusion about whether the user is trying to change
the tor-settings or the non-tor-settings.  Tor settings are changed
through the torbutton preferences, and the non-tor settings are changed
through the connection settings window when torbutton is not enabled.