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reporter from The Economist in Thailand seeks help

If someone proficient with helping a newbie set up Tor et al on XP to get by national firewalls wants to personally assist Peter Collins from The Economist set up his machine, please email me, and I'll hook you up?

I hear he has skype, but he doesn't have direct access to http://tor.eff.org for downloads, and I don't know what other mirrors he might have blocked.

he says:
Hello, I am The Economist's South-East Asia correspondent, based in Bangkok, and my colleague Ben Sutherland said you might be able to arrange for me to get some information on how to use TOR's network to work around the considerable amount of internet censorship in this part of the world. I don't expect that Thailand's new, military government is going to ease up on blocking sites, so I suspect my need for proxy servers is likely to increase!

I am reasonably proficient in IT matters, so perhaps all I need is an e-mail explaining how to set up my PC (which runs Windows XP) to use the network. Then if I have any problems, maybe I could e-mail for advice. Many thanks, in anticipation, for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you,

Ben Sutherland of the Economist wrote an article on Tor for their upcoming "technology quarterly" edition, and when he heard that Peter was having ever more problems with the national firewalls in Thailand, he asked if I could get Peter a little setup help.


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