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Re: reporter from The Economist in Thailand seeks help


Since I wanted to write an installation and usage tutorial for my
website anyway, I could take over this task and I'm sure there'll be a
way to send the file to him. ;)


German Tor mailing list / observation and its risks:

Shava Nerad schrieb:
> If someone proficient with helping a newbie set up Tor et al on XP to
> get by national firewalls wants to personally assist Peter Collins
> from The Economist set up his machine, please email me, and I'll hook
> you up?
> I hear he has skype, but he doesn't have direct access to
> http://tor.eff.org for downloads, and I don't know what other mirrors
> he might have blocked.
> he says:
>> Hello, I am The Economist's South-East Asia correspondent, based in
>> Bangkok, and my colleague Ben Sutherland said you might be able to
>> arrange for me to get some information on how to use TOR's network to
>> work around the considerable amount of internet censorship in this
>> part of the world. I don't expect that Thailand's new, military
>> government is going to ease up on blocking sites, so I suspect my
>> need for proxy servers is likely to increase!
>> I am reasonably proficient in IT matters, so perhaps all I need is an
>> e-mail explaining how to set up my PC (which runs Windows XP) to use
>> the network. Then if I have any problems, maybe I could e-mail for
>> advice. Many thanks, in anticipation, for your help, and I look
>> forward to hearing from you,
> Ben Sutherland of the Economist wrote an article on Tor for their
> upcoming "technology quarterly" edition, and when he heard that Peter
> was having ever more problems with the national firewalls in Thailand,
> he asked if I could get Peter a little setup help.
> Thanks!
> Shava Nerad
> Executive Director
> http://tor.eff.org/
> http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/anonymous/
> shava@xxxxxxxxxxxxx