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Re: Servers and the "Named" flag (was Re: time needed to register a serve)

On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 05:38:18AM -0700, Robert W Capps II wrote:
> Interesting, while the server config page clearly says the email may  
> not be answered, it does not indicate that the email will most likely  
> never be ACTIONED.
> If it is the intention to not register names for servers, then that  
> should be clearly stated in the Server configuration guide.  It  
> sounds like it's time to delete Step Four: 'Let us know about your  
> server', since for all intents and purposes, the feature has been  
> abandoned.

I've removed step four, and also cleaned up some of the other items
so they don't contain scary-sounding words like "stdout". Thanks for
the nudge.

> I for one would like to see some protection given to the names  
> assigned to long-term stable routers . . . 

Me too. Keep your eyes out on the or-dev list for discussion about
how to do this in a more manageable way.

>but that may just be a  
> personal preference of mine, I like to know which server ops take the  
> time to actually register their servers :)

Maybe we should instead assign them math problems to evaluate their
dedication. :)