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Tor/Vidalia hangs

I'm running vidalia0014 and tor0207a.

The last 5-7 times I started my server, both Vidalia and tor hangs.
Vidalia either starts responding or crashes when I shut down the tor.exe
process manually.
Tor starts working again if I start up Vidalia and start tor from the menu.

Perhaps this is a known bug, but if not, does anybody have any good

I have ended up not bothering to run my tor server the last days/weeks,
as I don't know if the alpha code works well enough. (I could go back to
0206a, but I'm waiting for 0208a.)
The process tor.exe uses more memory than usual, it's now around 80-90MB.
Vidalia uses around 25-45MB (like it normally does).

Have more people experienced this bug, or am I the only one experiencing