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Re: Tor/Vidalia hangs

vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx @ 2007/10/03 16:19:
> Have more people experienced this bug, or am I the only one experiencing
> this?

i have experienced this also on my windows xp box.  i think it's an issue with vidalia.  for me, it has been occurring for a few versions of vidalia now.  i've never had tor freeze nor push the cpu to 100% nor have i ever had to kill tor.exe because of non-compliance.

on that box i have tor setup as an nt-service, so there is no need for vidalia to start/stop tor.  it is using vidalia-0.0.14 and tor-

it seems to occur when tor is downloading routers. vidalia has to parse this and reflect the new list of routers in the "network map" view.  the "newtwork map" view needs to be open.  it also seems to occur if tor is having trouble building circuits and is constantly failing and creating new circuits.  vidalia can't keep up with the updated/active list of circuits.  or, if "close circuit" is used and tor has to build a new circuit, etc. again, this seems to only happen if "network map" view is open.

i'm not certain of this, but i think if vidalia is opened but not used (or, perhaps just the "network map" is not left open), the 100% cpu/freezing does not occur.  someday i might test this hypothesis.  then again, it is windows and i'm well acquainted with needing to kill processes in order to keep the system stable. ;)

these are just observations and i've got no log files to accompany my claims.

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